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Your Satisfaction Is Our Happiness

We are seeking to provide the best maintenance and management services to our customer. We will achieve this by providing services in a professional manner exceeding beyond your expectation at all times.

Our Services

Cleaning Services

Services that we provide are general cleaning, polishing, scrubbing, buffing, carpet cleaning, high rise & external cleaning, hygiene and general waste disposal

Building Maintenance

We hold expertise in offering office and building maintenance service. Some of the service we provide repairs and maintain plumbing, electrical, renovation, repairing works and others.

Ground Maintenance

We provide landscape design, planning costing and plants based on the requirement of the client. We have team of experienced gardeners under our permanent employment

Pest Control

Our services can be customised to suit the needs of our clients’ particular business. Some of the services are pest inspections, sanitation and treatment and others.

Infrared Thermography

We detects infrared energy emitted from object, convert it to temperature and display image of temperature distribution

Disinfection and Sanitizing services

services for offices and commercial units needs for infection control which are Surface Sanitation, Specialist Disinfection Service and High level Surface Disinfectant Virucidal/Bactericidal Fungicidal.

Transport Services

We provide you with a wealth of options, ranging from same day delivery, freight forwarding, goods return services, worker transport and many more. See our list of door-to-door distribution services

Manpower Services

Services that we provide are accommodation for employee, KDN approval,medical support,supervision, payroll management, extension of work permit,worker motivational program, police/immigration issues and more

Why Choose Us


We consider ourselves to be industry leaders. So, we are always looking at ways to develop our systems and services to add quality and value to our customers at no extra cost.

We treat our people with respect

We make sure they are paid for every hour and that holiday pay is handled properly and clearly.  Not only is that the right thing to do, it means they work harder for us and you

We train our people

We train our people to do whatever they can to help you. If your porters need help moving boxes or you require additional service, our people will do it.

We recruit permanent team

We take only the best people and invest in thorough training so they provide the best standards for you.    And we check and check this because our reputation and yours is important to us.