We are seeking to provide the best maintenance and management services to our customer. We will achieve this by providing services in a professional manner exceeding beyond your expectation at all times.

‘Your Satisfaction Is Our Happiness’


We provide our clients the best professional services ethically at all time to our best ability and capacity.

  • This mission sets a clear goal for everyone in the business on how we will meet our customers.
  • To become a leading “Professional maintenance and management services” provider by providing Quality Services and keep up to the Standard of customer requirement.
  • Sets a clear goal for everyone in the business on how we will meet our customers’ needs and wants.
  • Ensure the set goal target and achieve it as per our target



We’ve worked hard to build up a reputation for not only working with the best people in Malaysia but doing it with honesty, integrity and professionalism.

So, we would never compromise on that long built-up reputation by engaging in any practices that don’t reflect our values.

Because we only work with the very best industries, with the very best reputations, we know how important that is to them.

So, we can guarantee you that our behavior will never lead to anything that could in anyway tarnish or question your reputation.


We consider ourselves to be industry leaders. So, we are always looking at ways to develop our systems and services to add quality and value to our customers – at no extra cost. This is what we do:

We treat our people with respect.  We pay them a fair, legal wage, on time, directly into their bank accounts.   We make sure they are paid for every hour and that holiday pay is handled properly and clearly.  Not only is that the right thing to do, it means they work harder for us and you.   Many others don’t do this.

We train our people to do whatever they can to help you.  If your porters need help moving boxes or you require additional service, our people will do it.  And because they all speak English, they’ll actually know what’s being asked of them.

We recruit permanent team members legally entitled work in this country.  We take only the best people and invest in thorough training so they provide the best standards for you.    And we check and check this because our reputation – and yours – is important to us.

One of our senior team will visit at least three times a week.   We have Operations Managers available 24/7.  And a specific email address that goes to the inbox of every member of our management team that works with you.  You’ll also get the mobile numbers of the senior Operations team and SAS Directors.  So, you can always get hold of whoever you need.

But communication and responsiveness are more than answering the phone.   We are always there when you need us, whatever time of day or night.