2.Maintenance of Electrical Installations

The electrical installation is made safe by getting it installed and maintained through licensed persons. It’s necessary that the installation is checked periodically and a proper record of such work is maintained. The recommended interval for checking is:

  • Earthing test – Once a year
  • Insulation – Twice a year
  • Polarity – Once in five years.

1.Routine Building Repair and Building Maintenance Work

Facilities require a certain amount of upkeep to look their best, maintain a safe environment and serve their intended function. Building repair workers conduct regular inspections to determine areas that need attention and then perform the tasks.

Regular building repair and maintenance might involve replacing a worn doorknob, oiling a squeaky hinge or replacing a damaged floorboard. Maintenance workers might inspect for burned-out light bulbs and replace them, change the filters in the air conditioning system or replace a hard-to-operate lock.

In an industrial setting, the maintenance worker might have a set schedule of routine maintenance procedures to perform on machinery and equipment, such as greasing the bearings or changing the hydraulic fluid.

3.Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is carried out to avoid breakdown of machinery and occurrence of maintenance problems in buildings and services. Works of preventive maintenance are carried out on the basis of regular inspection survey.

Preventive building maintenance includes works to prevent deterioration of building parts from mildew, insect attack, water damage, heavy usage, accidental damage, and other concerns.

4.Protective Maintenance

Some surfaces need more than just aesthetic review, like cleaning and painting. Steel surfaces including staircases, entrance walkways, awnings, and other decorative details need protection from the elements, and proper coating to prevent rust and deterioration. Structural components like beams and pillars need regular review, and protective coatings to keep them resilient.