Ground Maintenance

Grounds maintenance workers do a variety of tasks to achieve a pleasant and functional outdoor environment. They also care for indoor gardens and plantings in commercial and public facilities, such as malls, hotels, botanical gardens, condominium, commercial complex, college grounds and recreational parks. We provide landscape design, planning costing and plants based on the requirement of the client. We have team of experiences gardeners under our permanent employment. They’re mostly former or retired MPPP, Kebun Bunga and Airport gardeners. We deploy them based on the individual landscape maintenance project providing plants watering, trimming, up keeping, fertilizing and spraying of insecticide

Our gardeners take pride their job, well done and our track record is proven by the lush and well-kept beautiful gardens/landscape areas under our contract. Here is the maintenance that we do

-Garden planning and landscaping
-Beautification of work and surroundings
-Construction gardening
-Grass Planting Service
-Tree terming and Maintenance
-Mow, edge, and fertilize lawns
-Weed and mulch landscapes
-Trim hedges, shrubs, and small trees
-Remove dead, damaged, or unwanted trees
-Plant flowers, trees, and shrubs
-Water lawns, landscapes, and gardens