Elementor #63


Sama Abadi Sdn Bhd was started with a modest amount of capital but today Sama Abadi Sdn Bhd has grown fast in every aspect in order to meet the current markets demand in this rapid growing industry. We are backed by a strong management team comprising people with vast experiences at relevant industry.

In Jan 2017, Sama Abadi Sdn Bhd expanded its business operation to Klang Valley and established a branch office and subsidiary Sama Abadi (KL) Sdn Bhd located at Puchong, Selangor to manage and execute the contracts & projects at central region.

Sama Abadi Sdn Bhd ability to provide consistent high in quality services at competitive cost is made possible by our deviation from traditional form of maintenance and management services where job supervision is overseen by various levels of management.

Sama Abadi Sdn Bhd have pioneered a program whereby our staff monitors your premise together with you and guarantee that your customized cleaning schedule will be followed in an efficient, effective and professional manner. We feel that it not the quantity of supervisor that matters but the quality of the supervisor that counts.

Sama Abadi employee’s selection, employee training and periodical inspections are to ensure that our services in your premises will meet your expectation. We understand that personnel selection; instruction and evaluation must be conducted in accordance to accomplish customers cleaning requirement. Taking into consideration the requirement of your business nature our selection of the employees entails a personal interview followed by thorough reference check. Our instruction to the staffs involves combination of method of work, which includes hand-on demonstration and printed instruction. This is to ensure that our workers will be able to execute the task given accurately and confidently

The system employed to monitor our client’s properties, facilities and with our experience enables us to effectively handle the labour demands and the financial requirement of any account we contract. Our personnel management techniques are unique and centered on cost control and provide a quick response to client need as they change throughout the year

Entrusted with the task of your building maintenance, Sama Abadi Sdn Bhd being professional in the maintenance and management services industry will henceforth take full responsibility of your premises and ensure that we employ only the best effort in meeting your requirement.

We have a vast interest in your success because our business depends on your success. At Sama Abadi Sdn Bhd, whether your business is small or large, you will get the same professionalism from us.

Assuring our prospective client the best services, we hope your good self will give us the opportunity to establish cordial relationship.